Macro Dandelion

Victoria Day Parade

Closing Shop

Street Crossing

Movie Night

Tilt Shift Walkway

Lighthouse Long Exposure

Bell Tower

View Towers


Remembrance Day

Streetlight and Graffiti

Bangkok Phone Booth

Long Gone Graffiti

Back Alley Graffiti

Broadmead Jet

Old Hudson

Downtown Sunset


Cranes II

Cranes III

Old Johnson St Bridge

Old Johnson St Bridge II

California Forest


Sunset Tree

Moonlight Lighthouse

Moonlight Long Exposure

Moonlight Long Exposure II

Yacht Race

Gonzales Beach

Gonzales Beach II

Flat Desert Plains

Nevada Mountains

Nevada Mountains II

Mt Begbie

Idaho Mountains

Petrified Forest

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon II

Grand Canyon III

California Hills


Palouse II

Monument Valley

Grand Tetons

Path to Mary Vine Falls

Path to Mary Vine Falls II

Mary Vine Falls


Feather II

Feather III

Feather IV

Feather V


Night Train Thailand

Elephant Sanctuary

Elephant Sanctuary II

Elephant Sanctuary III

Elephant Sanctuary IV

Elephant Sanctuary V

Ko Tao Thailand

Ko Tao Thailand II


Flower II

Flower III

Flower IV

Flower V

Flower VI

Flower VII

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Victoria BC Canada